Member Night at UMD on December 17, 2022

The Arrowhead Native Plant Explorers gathered together to celebrate their first year and a half of events with a spread of homemade dishes, including quiche, pumpkin muffins, lentil salad, mini hotdogs, and a meatball cook-off: vegan vs. meat lovers. No winner declared. Both were great!

Along with a recap of each of our events and their phenomenal leaders, board members shared the ANPE financial situation, what the funds are allocated for, and future goals of the organization. One main goal ANPE board members have been working toward in the beginning of 2023 is to file for non-profit and tax-exempt status, allowing members to deduct membership fees and donations (upon formation of the non-profit organization). So stay tuned!

The Member Night offered members an opportunity to share their thoughts about field trips and presentations and to give ideas for future events. ANPE also used the opportunity to appreciate our wonderful members. An orchid guide was gifted to a member in attendance through a raffle (for ideas – not money). Other members who have attended the greatest number of events since ANPE inception will be notified that they will be receiving a plant related book and/or native plant seed as a thank you. 

The ANPE Board would like to express a huge THANK YOU to our members for their continued enthusiasm and engagement. And THANK YOU to our gracious professional hosts who have shared their knowledge and time with us. We couldn’t do this without you!

Previous Events

First Nature Walk at Bagley 07.02.21 – Jinny Alexander and Kelly Beaster

Nature Walk at Boulder Lake ELC 07.07.21 – Rubin Stenseng

Nature Walk at Mission Creek 08.02.21 – Ethan Perry

Nature Walk at Wisconsin Point 08.28.21 – Marisa Lee

Nature Walk at Cloquet Forestry Center 10.09.21 – Kyle Gill

UMD – Herbarium 12.04.21 – Gretchen Meier and Amanda Grusz

Plants on the Edge Presentation 03.15.22 – Sarah Johnson

Vegetation Re-survey of Brule River Watershed 04.12.22 – Paul Hlina

Spring Ephemeral Walk at Jay Cooke 05.14.22 – ANPE Board

Nature Walk at TIscher Creek 06.03.22 – Jessica Savage

Nature Walk at Superior National Forest 07.09.22 – Nate Quadhammer

2022 Native Plant Foray 08.28.22 – ANPE Board and Gretchen Meier

Nature Walk at DWP Trail Corridor 09.13.22 – Jeffrey Florey

Tour of B4warmED Experiment 10.02.22

Boulder Lake Orchid Presentation 11.19.22 – Rubin Stenseng

Member Night 12.17.22 – ANPE Board

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