Plant mounting workshop 2.26.23

Author: Ethan Perry On Sunday Feb 26 we met at the Bagley Nature Center classroom to mount pressed plant specimens onto acid-free archival herbarium sheets. Dr. Amanda Grusz, a biology professor at UMD and curator of the Olga Lakela Herbarium, gave us an introduction to the importance of plant specimens for science. One use forContinue reading “Plant mounting workshop 2.26.23”

Paleobotany presentation 2.5.23

Author: Ethan Perry On February 5, Brad Evraets, a Water Resources Science graduate student at UMD, gave us a presentation of his earlier research on fossil leaves and paleoclimate. Have you ever seen a leaf floating downstream and wondered where it will end up? Mr. Evraets can tell you exactly what happened to over 200Continue reading “Paleobotany presentation 2.5.23”

Member Night at UMD on December 17, 2022

The Arrowhead Native Plant Explorers gathered together to celebrate their first year and a half of events with a spread of homemade dishes, including quiche, pumpkin muffins, lentil salad, mini hotdogs, and a meatball cook-off: vegan vs. meat lovers. No winner declared. Both were great! Along with a recap of each of our events andContinue reading “Member Night at UMD on December 17, 2022”

Boulder Lake orchid presentation 11.19.22

The Arrowhead Native Plant Explorers met on November 19 at the Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center about 30 minutes north of Duluth. Zane welcomed us to the Center, which is a partnership between UMD, Minnesota Power, and St. Louis County set within an 18,000 acre management area. Our speaker was Rubin Stenseng, who is bothContinue reading “Boulder Lake orchid presentation 11.19.22”

Tour of B4WarmED experiment

On the gorgeous afternoon of Sunday October 2, the Arrowhead Native Plant Explorers met at the Cloquet Forestry Center with Dr. Artur Stefanski, a University of Minnesota Research Associate. He took us inside a deer exclosure covering several acres where a variety of research projects are running. For most of our visit Dr. Stefanski discussedContinue reading “Tour of B4WarmED experiment”

Nature walk at the DWP Trail Corridor 9.13.22

On a beautiful Fall evening, the Arrowhead Native Plant Explorers met with Jeffrey Flory of the 1854 Treaty Authority to learn about invasive non-native species in the Arrowhead region and their effects on native species. Jeffrey discussed the threats that invasive plant species can pose to native species by displacing their habitat. We met atContinue reading “Nature walk at the DWP Trail Corridor 9.13.22”

2022 Native Plant Foray

Author: Ethan Perry On Saturday, August 28, Arrowhead Native Plant Explorers held our first annual Plant Foray. The Forays are intended to provide the Olga Lakela Herbarium at UMD with fresh plant specimens for educational and research purposes. The morning showers ended, but our feet certainly got wet as we headed into the Blue DasherContinue reading “2022 Native Plant Foray”

Nature walk in the Superior National Forest 7.9.22

On a beautiful July morning, the Arrowhead Native Plant Explorers met at the White Pine Picnic Area trailhead in the Superior National Forest. This event examining fire-dependent native plant communities was led by Nate Quadhamer of the US Forest Service. At our first stop, we discussed intact fire-dependent woodland forest communities that had not recentlyContinue reading “Nature walk in the Superior National Forest 7.9.22”

Nature walk at Tischer Creek 6.3.22

On Friday, June 3rd, the Arrowhead Native Plant Explorers joined Dr. Jessica Savage of the University of Minnesota – Duluth for a nature hike at Tischer Creek in Duluth. Dr. Savage discussed the phenology (the timing of biological events) of native trees in the Duluth-Superior area. At the beginning of our walk we observed aContinue reading “Nature walk at Tischer Creek 6.3.22”

Spring ephemeral wildflower walk at Jay Cooke State Park on 5.14.2022

After a long, cold winter with heavy snowfalls followed by a cool spring, the Arrowhead Native Plant Explorers wondered if the snow would melt for the spring ephemerals to show up for the planned hike in May. On a sunny Saturday, the group of just under 30 participants were delighted to find yellow and whiteContinue reading “Spring ephemeral wildflower walk at Jay Cooke State Park on 5.14.2022”